Autumn Drive Reconstruction Project

One thing that the City of Early tries to do well is to listen the citizens, hear their requests or concerns and then work to resolve those issues and meet those requests. One of those requests that we have heard from our citizens about is the need for updated construction of Autumn Drive. The road itself is fairly old and was constructed several years ago. At the time, the road was constructed without curbs or gutters which causes issues for several home owners especially when it rains. The road sits higher than some of the properties, so rainwater has been known to run off into their yards causing standing water. 

Autumn Drive

News Updates about Autumn Drive

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  1. Autumn Drive Bids Come In Well Over Budget

    Bids submitted for the Autumn Drive Reconstruction Project come in over budget and force City Council to reject bids. The city will go out for bids once again in the Fall in hopes of a more competitive cost. Read on...
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City of Early Sets Out for Bids on Autumn Drive Reconstruction 

Now that the engineering phase has been completed the City of Early is ready to go out for bids on the project. You can view the bid specs here

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Council Enters Into Agreement with Engineers

The City Council met to make a decision on whether or not reconstruction is needed and the vote was unanimous that it is absolutely necessary. Once the vote was made, the City of Early began to work with engineers to begin designing the reconstructed road fully equipped with curbs, gutters and proper water drainage. You can read the press release here.