Volleyball Tournament

Sand Tournament Rules

**DISCLAIMER: Please make sure you check all of UIL and NCAA eligibility rules. We are not responsible for violations**

Volleyball Tournament (3V3) $10 Per Person 4 player max per team. Three divisions: Junior High, High School, Adults.

Traditional Indoor Rules Unless Listed Below 

Point System

1 Set to 25 Points (Win by two)


Cap Time of 25 Mins

The game will be called over at 25 mins after first serve and whichever team is winning at that time will win the match.


Server is permitted one toss or release of the ball per service attempt. 
 If a player interferes with the opponents’ play, he/she must be called for the fault. Note: Contact between opponents does not always constitute interference (bump knees, step briefly on toes, etc.) and interference can also occur without physical contact. (i.e. a fallen player under the net prevents a defender from covering short). Interference is a fault that results in a point, not a replay.
 Referees must use broad awareness of many factors in judging interference.


Contacting the net with the body will result in a point for the opposing team. 

 Each team may call one 60 second time-out per set. 
 The teams switch sides after every 7 points 


Participants must know the rules and abide by them. Participants must accept referees’ decisions with sportsmanlike conduct. In the case of doubt, clarification may be requested by the team captain. Participants must behave respectfully and courteously in the spirit of fair play, not only towards the referees, but also towards the officials, opponent, teammates and spectators. Misconduct will be addressed first by a verbal warning, then misconduct can be address with a penalty, expulsion or disqualification by the tournament director.


Tie Breaker Rules

  1. Head-to-head record
  2. Point Differential
  3. Coin Toss