Gaming Tournament

Smash Brothers Competition Game Settings

o Style: Stock

o Stock: 3

● In the result of a timeout, the player with the least amount of stocks in the game will lose the remaining stocks and the other player will continue on to the next match.

● If the stocks are even, then the player with the lower % will take the remaining stocks and the next character will be selected


o Time Limit (LAN): 10 minutes

o FS Meter: Off

o Spirits: Off

o CPU Lv.: N/A

o Damage Handicap: Off


o Items: Off

o First to: 1 Win

o Stage Morph: Off

o Stage Hazards: Off

o Team Attack: On

o Launch Rate: 1.0x

o Underdog Boost: Off

o Pausing: Off

o Score Display: Off

o % Show Damage: Yes

o Custom Balance: Off

o Echo Fighters: Separate

o Radar: Big

o Teammate Highlight: On

o Mii Fighters: All move set combinations are legal

o No DSR


Additional Rules:

  • The Character “Steve” is restricted from play for this tournament.
  • Players are responsible for double checking control schemes and move sets prior to match start.