About The Sanitation Department

It is the responsibility of the Sanitation Department to collect and dispose of solid waste. We proudly serve the citizens within the city limits of Early on Tuesday's and Thursdays and additionally serve Blanket, TX on Wednesdays. Altogether, the City of Early collects solid waste at over 1,500 addresses each week. In addition to solid waste collections, the Sanitation Department is responsible for sweeping the streets in order to keep them clear of debris. 

Sanitation SupervisorUntitled-1

The Supervisor for the Sanitation Department is Danny Allen. Danny is a retired teacher and dedicated 29 years of his life to working in the school system. After his retirement, Danny applied for the position with the City of Early and quickly became a huge asset for the City. Danny is also a published author after completing and self-publishing his novel Dilly Dally. At the City, Danny is the supervisor to three employees and together, they are able to complete their duties no matter the weather or time of year. 

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