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Posted on: March 21, 2023

Sun Dial To Be Placed At Town Center As Part of Early TMCN Program


When you take a moment to really stop and think about Early in 10, 15, 20, 50 years, it’s easy to see a community that is thriving, growing and more beautiful than ever. For a couple of girls from Early High School, that is definitely the case as they work on this year’s TMCN project.

“When I look toward the future, I see expansion in Early. I mean just in a few years, Early Boulevard has changed so much.” said Reese Estess, one of the two girls involved with the TMCN Project.

“TMCN stands for Texas Midwest Community network and is responsible for several projects around Early such as the mural found in McDonald park along with the Sound Garden and the longhorn found in front of the High School.

“This leadership program is designed to identify, develop and encourage leadership in our young people.” said Jeremy Essary, the Building Inspector for the City of Early and the point of contact between the school and the city for this project.

For this project, the City will begin working with a group of anywhere form 2-5 Juniors in high school alongside mentors and teachers and carry out a long lasting, unique, and original project to be placed somewhere within the community. The main goal of this project is to help garner a sense of excitement for the community among the youth. Students will naturally gain skills that will help them as they move on to college and into their professional careers by learning to collaborate with other business professionals, thinking through complex issues and finding solutions and through presenting their ideas to the public in very formal settings. That is what these two young ladies did today at the Early Visitor’s and Events Center as they held a press conference to reveal their project titled “Time To Shine.”

“We wanted to do something that would gather the community together and also something unique, educational and artistic.” said Aryn Lesley, the other of the two girls working on this project. “We decided to construct a sun dial at the new Early Town Center Park since Early is a newer town and the Town Center is brand new, we wanted to add to that and make this apart of that.”

The sun dial will sit on a 40–50-foot diameter of crushed granite and will consist of 13 pillars placed along the circles edge and spaced apart by a few feet. The pillars will progress in size from the two on the ends being the shortest at six feet and the one in the middle being the largest at 12 feet. In the middle of the circle of pillars will be a steel gnomon that will stretch higher than the pillars facing true north and will cast the shadow that show the current time. There will be three bronze letters to show the cardinal directions, a rock garden covering a time capsule, benches to sit on and memorial plaques.

“We really wanted to bring something unique. We know there are sun dials around Texas but they aren’t very common. It’s also for people who just want to see something of that nature since it has that Stonehenge type look, most people will never be able to go to Stonehenge but they can get an idea of what it might be like by seeing this sun dial.” said Aryn.

Alongside the project itself is a really unique name that is clever and shows a little about what these two girls see in the future when they see Early.

“The name Time To Shine came from us just seeing how it’s Early’s time to shine as we step into the spotlight with all these recent renovations in the Town Center.” said Reese.

“Just like Early, ‘Time to Shine’ is different for the geographical area and a direct connection to the historical and celestial significance of the past present and future.” said Aryn.

The sun dial will be located beside the new Town Center Lake right along the waters edge. With part of the walking trail placed right beside it and with the gnomon stretching into the upper teens in height, all are sure to see it from afar with an opportunity to see it close as well.

Construction for the project is set to begin in late Spring and be completed around Early Fall. Aryn and Reese will hold an unveiling press conference once it is completed and all will be welcome to marvel at yet another idea from Early’s youth, being made a reality.

To bring this beautiful sundial to our amazing Community, we need YOUR support to make it happen! You can purchase  a customizable brick that will become a symbol of your contribution and a cherished part of their legacy. By donating, you're investing in our youth, honoring your loved ones, and making a lasting impact. Join them in this extraordinary endeavor and be a part of something truly special. Together, we can create a legacy that generations will cherish. Donate through Venmo: @Early-TMCN. You can also mail your contribution to P.O. Box 3100, Early TX 76803 or drop it off at City Hall, 960 Early BLVD in Early 76802. Click here to purchase your customizable here.

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