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HTeaO Opens

Posted on: July 20, 2023

Welcome to Early HTeaO

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The wait is over, HTeaO officially opened their doors on July 7th. Step into their new store and let them make your day a lot sweeter with their world famous tea!

HTeaO is defined as a quick-service restaurant and specializes in selling tea of which there are 26 flavors, some sweet, some not. You can mix and match all of them at the self-service dispensers, which means there are hundreds upon hundreds of potential combinations and all you have to do is dream. There’s a fruit bar too, if you want to add fresh strawberries or kiwis to your cup of sweet coconut–blueberry–Georgia peach–mint. 

HTeaO also sells tea in gallon jugs and you can buy the proprietary tea bags if you’re adventurous enough to brew at home. Every HTeaO location has a drive-through. This business also uses pebble ice which is extremely popular and additionally has a happy hour from 2pm to 4pm. 

HTeaO started in Amarillo, TX in 2009 when Gary Hutchins’ restaurant Buns Over Texas began selling multiple flavors of iced teas. When the restaurant saw their sales began to drastically increase, it was clear that a separate restaurant that sole teas would succeed well. Gary and his son Justin Howe opened a new tea store next to Buns Over Texas and together they paved the way for what HTeaO is today. 

In 2018, HTeaO was opened in Midland, TX and has since expanded to 37 stores operational throughout Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Kansas and Florida. 

Currently, there are 300 stores planned for development over the next few years. Texas Monthly has stated that HTeaO is taking over Texas and that soon, the HTeaO brand will become as iconic to the state as Buc-ee’s. 

You can try their world famous tea at 407 Early Blvd, Early, TX.

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