McDonald Park

McDonald Park was the original site of the Early ISD football stadium, McDonald Field. The City of Early bought the land from the school district in 2015 and began work converting it to a city park. There you will find many features that accommodate Early's diverse citizens, first of which is a quarter mile walking track.

Fun fact: The track at the park is the same track that once circled the McDonald football field. 


If you are looking for a place to play basketball during the day time or at night, McDonald Park features a full length, lighted basketball court.

With a nice seating area and plenty of books to read in the park’s “Little Free Library,” it is easy to spend hours outside in the sun getting lost in stories.

 The park also offers a Gaga Pit that can be enjoyed by citizens, church groups or anyone looking for a fun game to play.


One of the park’s most popular attractions is the sound garden. Children and adults both can spend hours creating music with all sorts of instruments that you might not see in your every day band. The Sound Garden is covered by a canopy to ensure that children don’t get overheated while being creative.

Another popular feature is the full-size sand volleyball pit.