Residential Trash Pickup


The City of Early uses automated collection trucks and specific roll out carts which are provided to each resident in town. Additional carts may be purchased for $18 per month.  If you need additional carts, please call City Hall at (325) 643-5451. 

Trash is collected once per week to residential customers.  North of Early Blvd is collected on Tuesdays.  South of Early Blvd. is collected on Thursdays. 

Trash Pick Up Map

Things To Do:

  • Use only city approved carts
  • Place cart at curb by 7 AM on your designated day
  • Trash must be bagged and lids completely closed
  • Place cart with the wheels facing the residence
  • Remove cart before 8 PM of the same evening
  • Make sure cart is at least 5 feet from all obstacles, including mailboxes, vehicles and other carts
  • If you can not close the lid on your cart on a routine basis, please call City Hall for a second cart
Trash Bins Correct

Things To NOT Do:

  • Do not paint, mark, abuse or modify the cart in any way
  • Do not put hot materials or ashes into the cart
  • Do not put hazardous waste in the cart
  • Do not dispose of heavy materials like concrete or construction debris
  • Do not place yard trimmings in the cart
  • Do not park vehicles in front of or near carts
  • Do not remove your cart from the designated address
Trash Bins Wrong