Citizen Requests

The City of Early is dedicated to keeping the city as beautiful and up to code as we can. It can be difficult to have eyes everywhere at all times, which is where the citizens get involved! Together, we are able to make sure that issues around the city are being taken care of quickly and effectively. 


On March 1, 2021, the City of Early launched it's new app called SeeClickFix. The app allows you to take photos of various issues such as: fallen tree branches, public dumping of trash, pot holes, abandoned vehicles and much more. Then you can submit a request for those things to be taken care of by a city worker and follow the progress of that repair. 

The app also allows for you to put in for a bulk or brush pick-up. Below are the steps to use SeeClickFix

1. Download the app in the Apple store or the Android store on your phone. Here is what the icon looks like: See-Click-Fix-App-Icon

2. Once the app is downloaded and opened, click the orange button at the bottom of the screen: 


3. Next you will be prompted to post a photo with your request. You can either take a photo of what you are submitting a request for (pothole, abandoned vehicle, a pile of brush that you need picked up, etc.). If you'd rather not post a photo, you do not have to and can select "No Photo." Here is what that screen looks like: IMG-1228

4. Once you are done taking the photo or selecting "No Photo," you'll need to put in your location. This is as simple as just typing your address into the search bar and then hitting "Next" on the top right of your screen:


5. After a location has been selected and you've pressed "Next" on the top right of your screen, you will select which request you are submitting from a list of options:


6. After you've selected your request, finish filling out the fields and click "Submit" at the top right of your screen!

You can also submit request through SeeClickFix by going to

If at any point you run into issues, please call City Hall at (325) 643-5451