Municipal Court



The mission of the Municipal Court is predetermined by the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure and the Code of Judicial Conduct. The court and all support personnel shall provide equal and impartial justice under the law and expedite each case efficiently without delay or undue expense.

Judge In Session

The judge is in session at 9:00 am on Wednesday mornings only. You do not need an appointment to see the judge. However, it is important that you be signed in with the court clerk and BE SEATED IN THE COURT ROOM BEFORE 8:45am am if you wish to make your appearance before the judge.  The Judge does not have a direct phone line at the city and does not accept phone calls at City Hall.


All appearances must be in person, in writing or by your attorney.


  • Be properly dressed when appearing in court - this means no shorts, tank tops or hats will be permitted
  • No cell phones
  • No food or drinks


Contact the court at (325) 646-5322 to verify fine amounts as they are subject to change. To make a payment by mail, remit by money order or cashier's check payable to the City of Early at:

960 Early Blvd. Early, TX 76802

Note: Receipt will be returned only if a self-address stamped envelope is furnished.